Zenfolio | Val Bissland

I've been taking photographs most of my adult life and have experienced the digital revolution, changing from Kodachrome to 'no chrome'! I've always understood that a photograph is a representation of reality and not reality itself. Therefore I have never had any qualms about manipulating an image to create a better photograph. In the past, working with black and white prints in a darkroom, dodging and shading was normal practice to extract the best from the negatives. I am very thankful I can do manipulation now on my computer using suitable software.

I hope you enjoy clicking through some of these photographs taken over recent years which capture elements of the amazing visual richness of the places, people and environment around every corner. Should you wish to use a photograph commercially or buy a print just contact me by email.


I live in Bearsden, Glasgow and, in an earlier career, worked as a freelance photographer supplying illustrated articles and photographs for publication in magazines and books. I still undertake the occasional assignment that appeals to me, but usually, now I take photographs to capture my experience of the changing world around me.
I invariably carry a Sony Cybershot RX100_III wide-angle compact camera with me wherever I go. It is lightweight, unobtrusive and takes good quality pictures. I also have a more bulky Olympus mirrorless camera - an E-M10 with its 75-300 zoom which is a joy. My iPhone 6 camera is also an instant resource, especially in low light and in certain fast-moving situations. I appreciate living close to a vibrant city with its colourful characters while having the Scottish landscape and its seasonal variations on the doorstep.